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A co-op board game imagining Britain's future through the eyes of a climate activist.

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The Project

Solidarity creates playful ways to interact with Britain's possible futures as imagined by a climate activist.

Based on a series of collaborative game design sessions, the board game aims to generate hope and action in a time of uncertainty.

Solidarity was created by Isabelle Introna in collaboration with Thomas Fish as part of an ethnographic research project at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology in Manchester.

Solidarity: The Board Game: Bio

The Making of Solidarity

Over summer 2021 we met every 1-2 weeks to co-design a game that envisioned the future. Our design approach was based on the ‘Values at Play’ method developed by Helen Nissenbaum and Mary Flanagan that was created to help designers integrate social activist themes into games. Explore our process below.

Solidarity: The Board Game: Bio
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Imagining the Future and Thinking About Games


Building the World and Mechanics


Prototyping and Playtesting


The Final Print

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